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  • JW To Share at JW Steakhouse
JW To Share menu at JW Steakhouse
JW To Share
Share your dining experience with colleagues, groups, friends and family at JW Steakhouse. Offering sharing platters of ‘Taste and Flavour' from home cured meats and pickles, mini crab cakes, crispy skin salmon, spit-roast chicken and seafood selections, to our famous Parker House rolls. Followed by the legendary JW Cheesecake or Mississippi Mud Pie with home-made Bourbon ice cream.
Private Dining Room
Private Dining
For an experience to indulge, the Private Dining Room at JW Steakhouse can seat up to 12 guests for a memorable occasion. Offering extraordinary beverages and an array of tempting appetisers, sides and seafood to seduce all palates, as well as the legendary JW Cheesecake.